Michael‘s offering will ensure that every important area of your businesses growth is considered. Within your business strategy, Michael Harrison will focus on three specific areas to drive growth: sales and marketing, strategic consulting, and business alliances.

Your information will be provided in the form of high-energy, information-loaded presentations, workshops, seminars and consulting sessions. All of these formats draw upon Michael‘s experience as a CEO/business owner, and years of research into business development.

Strategic Consulting

A pair of fresh eyes onto your business operations will be effective in recognising where improvements can be made. In particular, Michael collaborates with the senior management of corporations to discuss the introduction of new strategies and ideas into the business.

To adhere to the technology-based expectations of the modern world, Michael will analyse where innovative technologies can be implemented into your business to reduce costs and allow efficiency.

Michael‘s consulting advice will assist you with:‘

  • Establishing new technology-based products and services to suit the modern era
  • Managing the introduction and ongoing enforcement of new strategic initiatives
  • Transforming your traditional business operations into an innovative e-commerce business
  • Continually identifying new business opportunities and potential areas for growth
  • Employing modern technology to save money and ensure efficiency
  • Attracting optimal customers and ensuring their business is retained
  • Developing pricing and sales models for new technology-based products and services.

Business Alliances

Engaging with strategic partners is crucial for achieving business objectives. The key is structuring and suggesting deals which are highly beneficial, and never detrimental, to both parties.

Ultimately, a business alliance should help with developing a sturdy business model for offshore companies entering Australasian markets, and build good relationships with local companies willing to act as partners for those overseas companies.

Michael has extensive experience in this area and understands the companies in your marketplace. He can work with them to close alliance and partnership transactions, including: ‘

  • Strategic Alliances‘
  • Joint Ventures‘
  • Mergers and Acquisitions‘
  • Distribution agreements
  • Sales and Marketing agreements‘
  • Outsourcing arrangements
  • Partnerships
  • Franchise agreements

Sales & Marketing

In order to attract quality, long-lasting customers/clients to your business, you will need an effective sales and marketing plan. As a result of a proficient marketing strategy, you will see a shortened sales cycle and enhanced profits.

Every business and every industry is different, so Michael‘s advice will be tailored to you and your desired clients. A central aim within all of Michael‘s marketing advice is to draw loyal and devoted customers that present lifelong value to your business.

In particular, you will have access to enlightening presentations and instructional workshops that explain particular marketing initiatives to enable progression in your business. There will also be opportunity for individual coaching that can develop your sales skills and create manageable ways of attracting customers.