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Yes - Australia needs its connections!

11 September 2010

Australians are fantastic innovators. We‘re the creators of the cervical cancer vaccine, bionic ear, electric drill and boomerang! But to maintain our lead in the world, an excellent broadband network is absolutely essential.

Finland was the first to recognize the importance of the Net, declaring into law the right of every citizen to broadband access. Now the US is following suit, considering a plan for free or very low-cost broadband connections for every American. So where is Australia in all this? Are we keeping pace?

According to, yep you got it, Labor statistics, Australia trails the world with the fifth most expensive network and is seventeenth in terms of take up with only 23.3% of people subscribing. Now that‘s an interesting statistic, because if the Net is so important why are so few of us using it? Perhaps it is price, perhaps it is speed but it is definitely not age with many pensioners happily booking trips, making purchases and posting their bridge scores online.

The Internet is vital to the new digital economy. Not only does it allow scientists, economists, sports enthusiasts and all our amazing educators to share information with immediacy and relevance, it is depended on by millions of people everyday as a major form of communication.

Imagine any business thinking about operating without an Internet presence? How would anyone find them or know what they do? If you don‘t have a business website you are simply not known. I wonder when was the last time anyone dusted off their Yellow Pages and actually looked up a number? Nope, I‘m pretty sure all of you searched online.

It is now possible to work from a distance. Employees can interact effectively and efficiently without actually going to a fixed workplace. The cost cutting to businesses is phenomenal. But most of all, we must be able to communicate with speed to keep up with every latest development that spins by, only to be replaced with astonishing speed.

This is the essence of the Net and this is why Australia must support a world-class broadband network.

Disclaimer: My presentation "Ten Ways to Double Your Sales Using Technology" uses broadband.

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