Michael View

Why Telstra's share price can't last

01 December 2010

Telstra shares jumped on the strength on another public bail out. This time it‘s called the NBN. We are buying back the assets we originally owned before the famous float.

This short-term reprieve looks great … on paper. The problem is that Telstra will continue to bleed market share because of terrible customer service. A recent personal experience is typical of on-line comments about Telstra.

After an issue with one of my numbers, I braved the obstacles and called Telstra‘s business help line. Just over two hours and nine operators later (seven of them overseas), my issue was still not resolved! The people on the phone could not help me, their supervisors could not help me, it was one of the most irritating and annoying experiences I have ever had. (And Telstra still wonders why they are losing market share.)

Like most business owners, I do not have two spare hours to spend on the phone being passed around from operator to operator.

The time is long overdue for elephantine organisations like Telstra to wake up.

The current bill to split Telstra being hailed as vital to better service and more competitive prices. Hmm, what do you think?

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