Why Michael

One thing is certain, in today‘s octane-fuelled business arena you will face challenges today, tomorrow, or some time down the line.

Michael Harrison re-energizes individual and business performance in the professional services sector.

After studying accountancy, he joined the life insurance industry in 1972 as an agent with Security Life. Within three years he qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table and he went on to qualify for the Top of the Table nine times.

After an impressive career in insurance, banking and consulting in 1998 Zurich contracted him to revitalise their life insurance business in Australia. Over the five years he headed the business, profit and sales grew by over 700%.

To quote from a letter from Zurich at the end of his contract:
‘Your no-nonsense approach to identifying the key business drivers and then systematically working to improve each has resulted in growth of the business by more than 700% over the five years of your contract.‘

In 2005 he consulted to Synchron and in 2009 was appointed independent chairman. Over the last decade Synchron has grown from 85 advisers to 490 and is the second largest retailer of life insurance in Australia.* More importantly more than 30% of advisers are under the age of 40.

His clients have included Citibank, TAL, Insurance House, AMP and Kemper Funds as well as numerous smaller businesses.

Every business needs fresh eyes, the latest information, and an actionable strategy that can be tested and quantified.

Drop me a line or give me a call. Instead of guessing at the problem and back engineering a strategy, let‘s take what‘s there and make it better.
Let‘s talk business — your business.

* Source NMG

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