Michael View

Truth in the Face of Authority

02 February 2010

I‘m often called upon by clients to solve a problem. An outsider‘s impartial point of view is helpful when solutions aren‘t being developed in-house, usually because the stakeholders are too close to or vested in the problem to see the solution.

Sometimes, when I consult, the problem is small enough to be fixed quickly ‘" another step in a procedure or a streamlined, digital content management system networked to outside sales personal. So, step one when meeting with a client is to define the players and gather their views on the cause, scope and solution to fixing the problem. Invariably, during this discovery phase I hear all sides of all issues. I also hear statements that are made in the ‘strictest confidence.‘

Other times, I‘m called to assess and solve a problem that has progressed to the stage of jeopardizing the company‘s viability. These are ‘life-preserver‘ situations where a quick solution is the only answer. In these cases, I interview owners, managers and employees, again, to gather various points of view, sometimes in ‘strictest confidence; don‘t use my name.‘

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