Michael View

The price of independence

05 September 2010

What was the point of the independents demanding to see how well both parties can balance their costings if they are only going to shake them up by adding more?

It's no surprise that the Coalition has a funding ‘black hole‘. Take a look at the independents‘ demands and it‘s likely that whoever forms a government will be left with their very own large black hole.

Julia Gillard has already caved in to Wilke's demands regarding funding for the Hobart Hospital and gambling.

Bob Katter, with his old ‘new‘ paradigm, wants taxpayers and consumers to bankroll farmers through protectionism and the rebuilding of tariff walls torn down in the 1980s. Even though most modern economists see protectionism as harmful to economic growth, Katter seems determined quite literally to return Australia to the days of Keating‘s famous ‘Banana Republic‘!

Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor are yet to add to the growing demands once they have decided who to ‘trust‘. But it seems likely that one cost we can all agree on is a new broadband network in whatever form it finally takes.

What is your perception of these guys? As we know in business perception determines buying decisions and there's always a next time.

Ahh ... the price of independence!

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