Michael View

Paper Free UK Boardrooms

18 September 2011

UK boardroom meetings could soon take place in a paperless environment, thanks to the new iPad enabled board meeting software Blueprint BoardPad 2. The software was revealed to the public in June this year.

Conceived and designed by ICSA Software, a business software development specialist the iPad application has already made waves in the industry. Some 75 per cent of FTSE 100 companies have already opted to use the software and many more are believed to follow suit.

Older versions of the Blueprint BoardPad software have been in use by a number of blue-chip companies in the UK. Big-name customers such as Co-operative Group PLC, Carillion PLC and Wolseley PLC are sold on the application because it simplifies the process of holding board meetings.

What‘s Changed?

Besides new security features and a systemised way to minimise paper clutter, time and effort, the new Blueprint BoardPad 2 software promises companies‘ massive savings.

The software enables users to change the out-dated board meeting structure while saving staff hours of boring record keeping. Not only that, but the software removes the need for expensive couriers, tedious document changes and updates and unnecessary costs for printing.

The Blueprint BoardPad 2 empowers directors to do business smarter, faster and more cost effectively. Approved by Apple for iPad use it is expected to remove annoying paper clutter in thousands of offices around Britain in future years.
The device can be managed and operated with simple finger swiping movements, giving users total control to create, update and share board pack documents. Annotations become child‘s play amongst other features.

The new software allows directors to work with the latest company documents. It also detects new document versions if another user signs in simultaneously ‘" much like cloud-based storage servers.

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