Michael View

Move with the times or perish

23 October 2010

Like most of you, I‘m really getting sick of poor customer service. So it was no surprise to read a recent global Online Shopping Report by the Nielsen Company has found that local Asia-Pacific consumers are the most active online shoppers in the world with many spending 11% of their monthly budget online.


If you think about it, online shopping is easy, comfortable, time-saving, price competitive and eliminates the need to be aggravated by hassled staff with poor attitudes.

For retailers paying big rents in Australian shopping centres this spells disaster. Sluggish growth at the cash register has been blamed on the rise of online outlets. (Naturally the retailers don‘t think lack of customer service is to blame.)

Research group, Forrester, has estimated that online retail sales will be up 17.5% from last year to $28 billion, $7 billion of which is spent on overseas products.

So my message for retailers is keep up with technology or die. Because I can't see you winning in the service stakes.

  <<Going out on a limb to really win. Blogs are business>>