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05 July 2009 by Michael Harrison

My Qantas flight landed on time so off I headed, confirmation and No 1 Club 5 Star member card in hand, to the Hertz Gold Service counter at Melbourne Airport.The bay number after my name read an ominous see office.At the office I learned that my car, which was booked for 10:00 am (and it was now 11:05 am) was not ready.The station manager fussed about and said he could get me a car soon (and he did) and I was on my way in a somewhat lower class of car than ordered. An hour later I noticed that... Read More...

Tips for growing professional services firms (3)

21 July 2009 by Michael Harrison

3. Online offersForward thinking professional services today offer top-quality e-books through their web site so that visitors will willingly pick up a marketing message and pass it on to others. These free materials contain hyperlinks that will draw more prospects to your web site. The e-books can have subjects that extend behinds the immediate professionals services.For example a financial planner may offer a book on the challenges facing migrants and in that book reveal how a financial planne... Read More...

Another Tip for Growth

12 July 2009 by Michael Harrison

I am noticing that some of my clients have allowed their business to slow down. Usually its because they are no longer doing the basics. So heres another basic.Make presentations to networking groupsThere are innumerable opportunities for a professional services firm to make presentations to groups. Indeed Many such networking groups exit to enable cross fertilisation between the members. Make a point of having someone articulate to make a presentation.A successful presentation is not about the... Read More...

Tips for growing professional services firms (2)

17 June 2009 by Michael Harrison

2. Email newsletter marketingThe professional firms newsletter should not be an excuse to release the latest tax changes or legal precedents. They should have a strong emphasis on the needs of the clients; their aspirations and concerns. In the areas of financial services, for example there are few things more concerning than building a nest egg for the future, so current thought leadership here is an imperative. A newsletter which reflects this will have its own response with the clients but mo... Read More...

Tips for growing your professional services business

17 June 2009 by Michael Harrison

The ability to expand a business without limits is called scalability. In the traditionally bricks and mortar business this usually meant more staff, more physical resources and expansion via geographic, physical expansion.Here are some ways to grow your professional services business without investing in bricks and mortar or more people and infrastructure.1. Viral online marketingOne modern marketing process that makes scalability possible is viral marketing, the use of social networks to quick... Read More...

Can Do to No Can Do

01 June 2009 by Michael Harrison

Theres no industry that demands customer service more than the hospitality industry — hotels, restaurants and related sectors. The kinds of experiences customers have in hospitality determine whether they will frequent the establishment again, and, even more importantly, whether they will recommend it to their friends and colleagues. It is a brutal fact of life that in business, we are more inclined to tell of a horror story than a feel-good one.A sad anecdoteConsider this customer service... Read More...

Promoting Your Business on the Web

24 May 2009 by Michael Harrison

How do you look for information? You search the internet, right? And youre not alone. With two-thirds of all Australian households now broadband connected the always on internet is now the preferred option for searching out all services and products.A majority of consumers regularly use search engines when looking for information online. If you want your site to rank high in search, you need to put a family of strategies called search marketinga catch-all term for search engine optimization and ... Read More...

Hotels - what do you expect?

17 May 2009 by Michael Harrison

As a consultant and professional presenter I spend about 100 nights a year in hotels.In fact, in the last two weeks I have spent 11 nights away from home. Most of the hotels have been great but every so often something goes wrong. Thats when you find out just how well the staff are trained.What I look for is:Fast check-inA clean room with everything workingA comfortable bedA hot shower with good pressure, andFast check-outI am seldom in the room so I dont care about the view.Oh, and it... Read More...

It Pays to Make Your Customers Look Good.

11 April 2009 by Michael Harrison

Fans of Basil Fawlty who are in the service industry will cherish what they learnt from Basil; and how we both laugh and cringe at the bumbling character of Basil as he manages to offend customers, employees and suppliers.How often do each of us, as customers, experience service providers who are clueless?Consider the case of an owner of a beach-frontage house in Byron Bay who, when seeking the advice of a local real estate agent recently, was told. Oh no you wont get over $1 million in this mar... Read More...

Ease of Use is a critical Perception Builder

16 August 2016 by Michael Harrison

In todays economy one thing that sets business apart is ease of use, so my experience this week at Ryges Bell City in Melbourne is a good example of what can go wrong and how to recover.On arrival I was asked to fill in the registration form, even though I had supplied my Rydges Priority number at the time of booking. Lucas the receptionist said he was sorry but Rydges doesnt link bookings to guests Priority numbers unless they are booked online. In this day and age with the techn... Read More...

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