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Want great service – try this hotel

12 February 2010 by Michael Harrison

Im so used to getting poor to mediocre service that good service is worthy of a special mention.When I checked into the new Novotel at Brisbane Airport today the General Manager, Mr Alex Penklis, stopped by for a chat. He didnt know me from Adam but he knows how to impress guests.The service in the restaurant reflected his touch. The delightful young lady who served me took time to ask where I was from and engage in a lost art called conversation.Compare that to two other experiences this week.... Read More...

China: The Distinction Between Power and Greatness

12 February 2010 by Michael Harrison

Why should Australian business care about the direction Chinas economy takes? Why should we care if the Chinese are buying U.S. debt by the bucketful? Why should we care about the new trade sanctions put in place January 1, 2010 by the U.S. on Chinese goods?What does all of this have to do with small business in our country? Well, China is one of Australias most important trading partners. That affects the Australian economy in ways we have yet to imagine.So, over the past few weeks Ive been res... Read More...

Why Obama Got It Wrong!

10 January 2010 by Michael Harrison

Holidays give me time to do some thinking and a little crystal ball gazing.Like you, Im a small business owner and a service provider. Most of my clients are small business owners, but Obamanomics will impact us all regardless of company size, manufacturer or service provider.Like it or not the American consumer drives the world economy. They buy stuff that keeps factories in China running 24/7. Clothes, computers, large-screen TVs all made off American shores, mostly in Asia. The trade deficit... Read More...

2010: Trends and Opportunities

18 December 2009 by Michael Harrison

The Chinese proverb We live in interesting times must surely be one of the most apt for what lies ahead for Australia for 2010. In a world wracked by the Global Financial Crisis in economic and in social terms, Australian business leaders and managers can look forward to building on the green shoots of recovery that have emerged since mid year.Encouraging rather than interesting comes to mind if one looks at the most recent statistic and commentary posted by both government and Treasury official... Read More...

Time to Plan

06 December 2009 by Michael Harrison

As the first decade of the second millennium comes to a close, many businesses look back with a sense of amazement.  In the past five years weve never seen so many spectacular profits, nor such unimaginable losses.It would be nice to just coast into 2010 thankful to have survived. However, those who succeed in the second decade must not relax, but plan. You must take the time to plan what your business will look like in the coming year, the next three years and the next five years.Twelve mo... Read More...

Response from Hahndorf Resort

22 November 2009 by Michael Harrison

In the interests of fairness I have published a response received from Hahandorf Resort."Following our phone conversation yesterday we would appreciate it if you were to consider removing the harsh comments in regards to the Hahndorf Resort.We understand your disappointment in the conference, but we would appreciate at the least if you could remove certain phrases which you have pointed out in our conversation. Yes, your comments want to reflect the truth of the situation, and we do re... Read More...

Out of date, out of touch and (probably, soon to be) out of business

14 November 2009 by Michael Harrison

As a professional speaker I visit 30 something venues a year. The Hahndorf Resort at Hahndorf South Australia is the worst I have ever had the misfortune to visit.Manuel the Manager promised the world five star service, gourmet cookies, gourmet pizzas and delivered:breakfast cereals that were past their use by datebutter portions that were a month past their use by dateyoghurts that were past their use by dategourmet pizzas that were barely equal to Pizza Hut quality  (for $35 per person)A... Read More...

Presentation is everything

05 October 2009 by Michael Harrison

This week I am at the RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Queensland Gold Coast.Last time I came here for a conference the place was hopeless. Poor food, poor service and poor presentation.What a difference a change of management makes. Taken over some months ago by the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria my stay has been superb. One of the many things that caught my eye is the way they present an iced coffee. It looks good enough to eat.... Read More...

Business can be funny

30 November 2009 by Michael Harrison

A teachers asks her class, "All those who want to go to heaven, put up your hand."... Read More...

Obamanomics: Is it Working?

22 September 2009 by Michael Harrison

Like it not, Kevin Rudd and co follow the lead of the US. So, once again, I have been thinking about the US economy and what it might hold for our future.Barack Obama was elected on a platform of change. And Washington was ready for change after eight years of the Bush Administrations mucking up on the world stage.The war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan despite the deep tragedy the world experienced on September 11, 2001 (and indeed, it was a world tragedy), we arent any safer. We arent any bet... Read More...

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