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Yes - Australia needs its connections!

11 September 2010 by Michael Harrison

Australians are fantastic innovators. Were the creators of the cervical cancer vaccine, bionic ear, electric drill and boomerang! But to maintain our lead in the world, an excellent broadband network is absolutely essential.Finland was the first to recognize the importance of the Net, declaring into law the right of every citizen to broadband access. Now the US is following suit, considering a plan for free or very low-cost broadband connections for every American. So where is Australia in all t... Read More...

The price of independence

05 September 2010 by Michael Harrison

What was the point of the independents demanding to see how well both parties can balance their costings if they are only going to shake them up by adding more?... Read More...

Harassment at work - an expensive lesson

03 September 2010 by Michael Harrison

In early August, when Kristy Fraser-Kirk launched her $37 million sexual harassment case against David Jones and former CEO Mark McInnes, companies across Australia were forced to sit up and take notice.Immediately, the mud-slinging began: Shes asking too much, Its all a publicity stunt, and so on, but without such a huge amount tabled, would this case have been just another sexual harassment story briefly noted then swept aside by the never-ending tide of breaking news?The real issue here... Read More...

The Lost Art of Customer Service

23 June 2010 by Michael Harrison

In Stanley Kubricks 2001 A Space Odyssey, the nemesis of the movie was a computer called HAL. Its voice sounded exceptionally friendly and it made all the right noises and if it had possessed a face it would have been smiling inanely. Yet all the time it was trying to kill the humans it was meant to serve.Call me cynical, maybe even a conspiracy theorist, but it seems that some companies have been able to replicate the essence of HAL and insert it into their Customer Service Specialist... Read More...

Good References are Gold

23 May 2010 by Michael Harrison

When companies are deciding which firm can best represent their ideas, values and products, there must be a level of trust.  They must feel confident that you have done this type of work before, and that your customers have been happy and gained directly from your efforts.There is no better marketing tool to prove your value than a customer reference.Getting a ReferenceMany business people think that a reference discussion begins after a deal is closed, youve completed the work and everyone... Read More...

Don's Favourite Sign

25 April 2010 by Michael Harrison

Travelling in Queenstown New Zealand yesterday I came across a little town called Cardona. It's in the Queenstown ski area and the pub has a cosy log fire and some interesting signs and antiques.... Read More...

Queenstown - New Zealand

25 April 2010 by Michael Harrison

Queenstown has to be one of the prettiest places I've been. The scenery is sensational, the food is great, and for the most part the service is excellent.... Read More...

Lessons from Lara

16 March 2010 by Michael Harrison

What was that? That was the sound of Lara Bungle - sorry, Bingle - shooting herself in the foot just before her engagement rings falls to the floor. It's fair to say that this woman is not about to set herself up as a business guru any time soon.... Read More...

In the Good Books

28 February 2010 by Michael Harrison

My Valentines Day present to Pam was a back of house tour of the Panda's at Adelaide Zoo. What a great way to spend a couple of hours. First we learned about the Panda's and their habits (especially their eating habits), then we fed them and learned to "take blood" (with a fake syringe), followed by laying out their food and naturally getting some great photos.... Read More...

Batt fiasco is PM's fault

24 February 2010 by Michael Harrison

This is one of the best articles I have read about current politics in Australia. Congratulations to the Herald Sun.... Read More...

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