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Is Your Inbox Pushing You To Breaking Point?

04 November 2010 by Michael Harrison

I noticed that in a recent survey by IBM of more than 620 managers, results showed that the sheer number of emails received each day is a major contributor to workplace stress.It was no surprise that more than 45% of the survey participants agreed that the number of emails arriving in their inbox can increase stress levels at work or that as the number of unanswered emails begins to mount up in those inboxes the stress levels rise accordingly.Nearly 100% of people who responded in the survey sai... Read More...

Top Rated Place to Work By Employees

02 November 2010 by Michael Harrison

Jobs website recently conducted a survey to determine what the most desirable places to work are in the USA. The surprising results showed that people working at Disneyland aren't as happy in their jobs as those working for the Army.... Read More...

Getting in the spirit

31 October 2010 by Michael Harrison

With Christmas around the corner many savvy businesses are thinking about charities.One such business is Charity Greeting Cards, which gives away 20 per cent of its profits to nominated charities.Owner and manager, Stephen Shubitz says his philosophy is to give as much as we possibly can, not as little as we have to.In 2009 the company gave $374,000 to various charities and this year Shubitz hopes to increase the contribution to $500,000.The service particularly appeals to corporates becaus... Read More...

Going out on a limb to really win.

31 October 2010 by Michael Harrison

My mates at Synchron (a financial services group) run some of the the best conferences I attend. Their ideas are fresh, they challenge the status quo and of course they use great presenters (your truly).Here are the directors, with a little help from executive assistant Josie Vella, acting as cheer leaders to the applause of all attendees at the Synchron Next Generation Conference for under 40 year old financal advisers.... Read More...

Move with the times or perish

23 October 2010 by Michael Harrison

Like most of you, Im really getting sick of poor customer service. So it was no surprise to read a recent global Online Shopping Report by the Nielsen Company has found that local Asia-Pacific consumers are the most active online shoppers in the world with many spending 11% of their monthly budget online.Why?If you think about it, online shopping is easy, comfortable, time-saving, price competitive and eliminates the need to be aggravated by hassled staff with poor attitudes.For retailers paying... Read More...

Blogs are business

03 October 2010 by Michael Harrison

Blogs are an excellent way to grow your business. They are not static like websites, but provide a moving forum of interesting topics as often as you want to post and can attract a whole community of followers, translating into business for you.Blogs have outlived being a fad or trend and now clearly form part of the essential suite of modern marketing tools called social media. Take one look at savvy entrepreneur Brian Clarke and his hugely popular to see that a successful blog... Read More...

Lessons from the AFL Grand Final

02 October 2010 by Michael Harrison

A week ago we saw more than 120 minutes of gruelling football played between the Collingwood and St. Kilda AFL football teams. Throughout most of the game, St. Kilda trailed the Magpies and seemed to battle their way across the field just in an attempt to keep up.However, their persistence and their determination not to give up paid off. Even though it looked like they were doomed to be beaten, saw the Saints climb back from being 24 points down at half time to finishing the game tied at 68/68.T... Read More...

Is networking all it's cracked up to be?

28 September 2010 by Michael Harrison

Have you noticed that lately everyone seems to be attending networking breakfasts, lunches, events?If you are a small to medium business, networking is a powerful way to establish strategic relationships, find work and promote yourself at a very reasonable cost.Here are a few statistics you might be interested in. A referral generates 80% more business then a cold call (and like most people you probably hate cold calling!). Networking produces approximately 70% of work for small businesses. Most... Read More...

Entrepreneurs: born or bred?

19 September 2010 by Michael Harrison

What makes someone successful in business? Were they born to it or did they learn it?For some entrepreneurs, such as Aimee Marks, the path to success has been through a university course. Despite getting the idea for her biodegradable tampon company, T.O.M Organic, at school, Marks decided a university course would develop her product and company in a more thorough manner with a secure network of mentors to support her.The course taught me the fundamentals of launching and growing a business, an... Read More...

Going Backward is Going Forward

14 September 2010 by Michael Harrison

Technology in business is all very well, but chucking it at everything that moves is a bad idea. Possibly the worst case of this is something all of us have been frustrated by at some point in time: machines answering the telephone.Funnily enough, if I go to the effort of calling a company on the telephone, that will always mean I want to speak to a human being who has the capacity to think independently in order to resolve my query or problem. The only possible instance of my being happy to hea... Read More...

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