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Are you listening to your customers?

07 June 2011 by Michael Harrison

Have you ever wondered if your brilliant idea actually meets your customers' requirements? Finding out what your customers want (and need), then tailoring your product or service accordingly seems obvious. The problem is that too many of us don't do it.... Read More...

Open Decision Making Could Cost You Business

28 May 2011 by Michael Harrison

The resignation of Deputy Victoria Police Commissioner, Sir Ken Jones, once again opened up the discussion about transparency in decision making. Many Australians speculate that Sir Ken might have been encouraged to leave by Commissioner Simon Overland.Whatever went down behind closed doors is not a good advert to build trust between the public and the law. Or for that matter, the public and the Government.People want answers and they want the truth.But, if we have learned anything from this lat... Read More...

Is your message making contact?

18 April 2011 by Michael Harrison

Ive been reading an online discussion titled Why the Elevator Pitch is Outdated.Various contributors have added their views about whether it should be called a pitch or a speech or even a movie trailer.The discussion is really about the answer to the question What do you do?Many years ago I learned that people do not buy your product or service, they buy the result of your product or service. So whatever answer you give, it should focus on the results your customers will achieve from dealing wit... Read More...

Three trends that will change your business

18 April 2011 by Michael Harrison

It used to be enough to advertise in the Yellow Pages, run a few ads in the local media or go to a Chamber of Commerce meeting if you wanted to attract new business.Not anymore! At least not anymore if you are selling professional services. Attracting a stream of loyal clients to your business is getting harder every year. Positioning your business is more important than ever if you want to be relevant. Its how you go about it that has changed.Three key trends are driving the way we should be th... Read More...

Saving Lives: There's an app for that

18 March 2011 by Michael Harrison

If anyone doubts the value of technology consider two uses of the iPhone in Japan.The Medical Encyclopedia for home use is being distributed for free after the tragic events of the earthquake and tsunami. It offers basic first aid advice for help in treating minor injuries and dealing with symptoms of shock.And, if you are trying to contact friends or family in Japan the iPhone app ChatTime is offering free calls to Japan until the end of March.No-one wants to see these tragic events but its gre... Read More...

Focus on the money

14 March 2011 by Michael Harrison

It shouldnt need to be said but just because something generates revenue you are not necessarily making money.A good example is Insurance Brokers.It costs about $300 a year to send out a renewal, handle the paperwork, manage claims and answer phone queries. So you would think that dumping anyone who generates less than $500 would be a no brainer right.Wrong. Most brokers hate to part with clients.There are solutions such as direct links to underwriters and claims services but the lesson is to w... Read More...

Is Social Networking a Risk

22 February 2011 by Michael Harrison

I'm a big fan of social or 'collaborative' networking. It's the future! So I was interested to see that in Germany, companies are actively blocking employees from using Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites in a bid to improve business security. They claims that using sites such as these poses an unacceptable risk to businesses. Apparently there is an inherent risk of employees revealing company secrets or sensitive information during online chats.... Read More...

Positioning Your Business in a Digital World

18 February 2011 by Michael Harrison

Here's a 2 minute snapshot of my presentation to 1,300 financial advisers.... Read More...

Are your Customers Loyal?

30 January 2011 by Michael Harrison

I was working with a new client this week who was completely focused on bringing new customers in the door. His rationale: most of them will stay a year or two.The key to any successful business is the ability to access a steady customer base. Its generally estimated that around 80 per cent of your business comes from approximately 20 per cent of your customers. Yet despite these statistics, plenty of business owners focus on trying to find new customers. What theyre missing is that they have a... Read More...

Yellow Pages Advertising

10 January 2011 by Michael Harrison

Last month my poll question was Does Yellow Pages advertising work for your business?Not one respondent said that Yellow Pages pays for itself.33% still advertise but do not get a return, 17% had never had a Yellow Pages advertisement and 50% said they no longer have a Yellow Pages advertisement.These stats are telling when you consider the growth of on-line marketing.If you are not there already, it time to think about how you can use your own YouTube Channel, Facebook fan page, LinkedIn group... Read More...

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