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Growing your business

14 September 2014 by Michael Harrison

The foundation of every good strategy is knowing who you already deal with. Ask yourself: Who wants what I sell? What does an ideal client look like? How do we make their lives better? How can we grab their attention?... Read More...

5 Tips for impressive email marketing

10 September 2014 by Michael Harrison

5-tips-for-impressive-email-marketing...

Improving The Customer Experience (Part 2)

22 May 2014 by Michael Harrison

Focus Services DeliverySome companies try to be all things to all customers. Wont happen. Cant happen.Different demographics have varying needs and expectations. A high-end jewellery store may serve tea and biscuits to customers, place flower arrangements on the display cases and maintain a staff of impeccably dressed salespeople. On the other hand, a business that focuses on the cost-conscious consumer eliminates the niceties and focuses on keeping prices low, Low, LOW!Target everything from ma... Read More...

Improving The Customer Experience

17 April 2014 by Michael Harrison

Whether you own a small financial advisory business, youre a web site owner with global sales, or you manage a huge, branded conglomerate, you create a customer experience.Simply defined, it is the totality of your business engagement with prospects, leads, new customers and long-time supporters. The client or customer experience begins before you ever meet customers and continues long after that first handshake, or the first visit to your place of business.Improving the customer experience is a... Read More...

Has social media replaced prospecting?

07 March 2014 by Michael Harrison

I was speaking to a group of business owners about successful ways to contact people and attract new business.On top of my list was being introduced by an existing client who already likes and trusts me to one of his or her business colleagues. A personal introduction beats other methods hands down.Then came networking at functions and events where my target clients congregate. These could be industry events, conferences or even school social functions. The main thing is to make sure the people... Read More...

Three Ways to Increase Sales in 2013

18 December 2012 by Michael Harrison

For many business owners, times have been very tough this past year. Businesses have failed, and those that havent will almost certainly have suffered tougher trading conditions if the business confidence surveys are any guide.The key to maintaining profitability, especially in tough times, is to make certain your regular customers dont start looking elsewhere. Assuming your customers have been happy with your services, what can you do to ensure you dont fade from their memories when it comes ti... Read More...

If you can't be found you don't exist

12 November 2012 by Michael Harrison

Being a professional services provider means succeeding online and having a digital brand that attracts clients.The world has changed. The Internet has had a huge impact on the business of advice. It had changed the way we think and more importantly, it has changed the way our clients think and act.This change is accelerating for three main reasons. Firstly, the Internet offers instant access. Australia Post built a business delivering letters and packages. Federal Express built its business by... Read More...

Do Online Meetings Work?

03 September 2012 by Michael Harrison

After spending 33 days in hospital and three more months recuperating at home I have become a heavy user of online meetings. Everything from casual conversations between friends and family to business meetings and conferences have been conducted online.Theres no doubt that digital communication has opened the door to faster communication and better affordability. However, is it really all its cracked up to be? Is it actually better than meeting face to face? The answer is, it depends.The Advanta... Read More...

"Soft Benefits" Sell: Tips To Create Goodwill

12 March 2012 by Michael Harrison

If you own an insurance brokerage, an accountancy or law firm, a financial planning practice or other service-based business, your core benefit to clients is hard information: metrics, cash flow analysis, investments, insurance products and other service deliverables. This is why your business is paid by clients, but……it may not be the reason a client remains a client over the long-term. Soft benefits often keep clients in place as part of your business base.Soft benefits are the l... Read More...

QR codes

12 January 2012 by Michael Harrison

One of my clients just asked me about QR codes.I assumed he knew about them and just wanted some ideas about how to use them. I was wrong.QR codes or quick response codes are a code that can be displayed on any platform and function as a link between the physical world and the internet. You scan the code with your mobile phone and it automatically links you to a website (or even a video).Smart companies are printing them on all types of media. One client prints them on his monthly statements and... Read More...

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