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Scientific Networking (part 3)

10 February 2008 by Michael Harrison

Depending on how the conversation flows I might ask one or more of:What do you enjoy most about your job?What separates you and your company from your competitors?What advice would you give someone just starting out in the stationery business?What do you see as the coming trends in the stationery business?Which methods have you found are the most effective for promoting your business?And I always ask,How would I know if someone Im talking to is a good prospect for you?My objective is to listen a... Read More...

Scientific Networking

24 October 2009 by Michael Harrison

… or what to say after you say helloWe all have the opportunity to network.  We attend trade shows, civic functions, business conferences, social affairs and sporting events.  We can even create our own networks by establishing advisory boards or mastermind groups.No matter which strategy you employ to meet people, the more structured your approach the more successful your results.People deal with you for one of two reasons; the perception they have of you or the relationship yo... Read More...

Scientific Networking (part2)

09 February 2008 by Michael Harrison

Prepare a list of people you want to meet.   If you cant get names set numeric targets.   If you are at an all day conference decide how many people you want to meet in the morning, afternoon and at dinner.It shouldnt need to be said, but always check the appropriate dress?   You should be dressed at least as well as the best-dressed person in the room.  You also need to be equipped to take notes.Be clear about what you hope to learn at the... Read More...

Marketing in the Technological Age

01 February 2008 by Michael Harrison

Do you remember the days when marketing was about billboards and the Yellow Pages? If you had a really good brochure you were ahead of the competition.Today, its not billboards, but web site banners and not Yellow Pages, but search engines. Marketing online can reach millions of people in an instant.Thats the good news …… and the bad news.If your messages are strong, then marketing on the Internet can greatly enhance your business. However, marketing on the web needs to support and... Read More...

Are you really accountable?

17 February 2008 by Michael Harrison

Have you ever looked at a room full of people and asked Who is responsible? and watched every person squirm and look at someone else?  Its not a pretty sight.One of the biggest issues I see negatively impacting on business success is lack of accountability.  Nine times out of ten when a business is underperforming accountability is missing.Everyone agrees that a key to having a successful business is setting, achieving and measuring against a strategic set of objectives.  However... Read More...

Does Your Website Have Integrity?

13 January 2008 by Michael Harrison

How many times have you visited a website and thought, that doesnt look right. In a multi-dimensional world most companies employ several marketing channels to promote their business. There might be print advertisements in the newspaper, maybe some radio spots, a couple of slick brochures that you hand out at your first face-to-face meeting. Even the sign over your door makes a statement about your business. But… …whats the point in using colourful brochures, quality st... Read More...

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