Michael View

Is Your Inbox Pushing You To Breaking Point?

04 November 2010

I noticed that in a recent survey by IBM of more than 620 managers, results showed that the sheer number of emails received each day is a major contributor to workplace stress.

It was no surprise that more than 45% of the survey participants agreed that the number of emails arriving in their inbox can increase stress levels at work or that as the number of unanswered emails begins to mount up in those inboxes the stress levels rise accordingly.

Nearly 100% of people who responded in the survey said that email was the primary source of communication and collaboration. Yet many also admitted that they‘ve inadvertently sent emails to the wrong recipients, or sent a message that they‘ve later regretted. So it seems that the technological advances being introduced in order to save time and boost productivity could be having the exact opposite effect.

Does this create an opportunity for Australian businesses to embrace social networking to facilitate alternative communication? An Australian spokesman for IBM seems to think so. Apparently this could boost morale among employees.

Maybe we should focus on better spam filters, better email protocols and not sending unnecessary copies.

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