Michael View

Improving The Customer Experience

17 April 2014

Whether you own a small financial advisory business, you‘re a web site owner with global sales, or you manage a huge, branded conglomerate, you create a customer experience.

Simply defined, it is the totality of your business‘ engagement with prospects, leads, new customers and long-time supporters. The client or customer experience begins before you ever meet customers and continues long after that first handshake, or the first visit to your place of business.

Improving the customer experience is an on-going process as you look for ways to build business relationships, create repeat sales and generate positive word of mouth (WOM). More importantly, it is the best marketing strategy available to businesses large or small.

Soft Services Sell: Research Customer Needs and Expectations

Why do prospects contact you? How do they contact you, and what are their concerns when they do?

Experience in your industry and your market space is the best place to start. You know what your buyers need, want and expect from your business. Consider ‘soft‘ factors that go beyond the delivery of services or the on-time delivery of a mail-order product.

Gather empirical data. Ask customers to complete a simple survey (on-line is the lowest cost) in return for some type of incentive such as a free consultation or 20% off their first oil change. This empirical data should be quantified and analysed regularly to develop ways to cultivate and maintain long-term relationships that are the foundation of business success.

For example, if a prospect, lead, client or customer calls your business, you already know they want to talk to a real person. They have questions. Put that important customer in an automated telephone queue for 15 or 20 minutes and you aren‘t delivering what the client wants. No one wants to wait for the next available operator while listening to horrible, canned music. You know it.

Having your business phone answered by a person ‘" a human who can direct the customer to the right department, who can answer simple questions and take accurate messages ‘" is a soft service but one that exceeds the expectations of today‘s call centre frustrated consumers and delivers what your clients want ‘" human contact when they call your office.

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