Michael View

Growing your business

14 September 2014

Whether you‘re big or small a steady flow of new clients or customers is a must for most businesses.

Here are some strategies to keep your customer base growing:

Understand your clients 

The foundation of every good strategy is knowing who you already deal with. Ask yourself:

  • Who wants what I sell?
  • What does an ideal client look like?
  • How do we make their lives better?
  • How can we grab their attention?
  • How can we keep their attention?

By answering these few basic questions you are already on the right track to boosting your business.

Be proactive.

Taking a proactive approach is the blueprint for a successful customer expansion.

It is not enough to hear and read about industry events and social meetings; you need to engage as well. Networking events can be valuable places to learn what is happening. Go to that business lunch, attend that trade show, don‘t be afraid to engage new people and have your business card ready.

Stay in touch

Once you swap business cards it‘s time to get in touch. Send an SMS saying how good it was to meet. Follow up with an email, preferably with a video email and set up a meeting over coffee.

It may sounds worn-out, but there is plenty of truth in the clichà ‘you never know what's going to happen‘.

Stay informed.

If you want to be (and stay) ahead of your competitors, you need to be aware of the latest trends in business. Being informed is quintessential when it comes to customer expansion. Get active and meet some of the thought leaders, and find out what‘s new. Is new technology making a difference?

Research past trends and see how things have changed over time. Being aware of both past and present trends means knowing your business, and it can help you in predicting how some trends are going to change.

Make your company ‘voice‘ heard.

If you want your business to thrive, you have to put your ideas and expertise across. People can‘t appreciate you if they don‘t even know you, so do something that will make your business more noticeable.

There are a myriad of options to do this. For example, you can offer to be a guest speaker at a conference or at a trade show event, publish a free e-book on your website about business tips or make an interesting animated video about your service/products. Engage and get your voice heard, and you will drive more and more customers through your door.

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