Michael View

Google's New Algorithm

20 November 2011

Have you checked your business‘ web site page rank lately? How about positioning on search engine results pages (SERPs)? Are you still showing up on page 1 of SERPs? Chances are, if you haven‘t made changes to your web site in a couple of years, you‘ve seen PR and SERPs positioning fall thanks to Panda ‘" Google‘s new algorithm introduced in February, 2011.

Panda has changed the rules for obtaining a higher page rank and better positioning on search results based on several key factors. The most important?

Quality content. In ‘03, keyword density ‘" the frequency at which key words appeared in web site text ‘" was critical and, as a result, business owners and SEOs employed the practice of key word stuffing ‘" cramming as many key words into site text to ensure that search engine bots ‘got‘ what your business web site or blog were all about. Panda changes key word density, giving it much less weight than it once had.

Panda is a much more sophisticated algorithm capable of identifying quality, informational content. It‘s no longer a matter of key word density or even key word positioning. Today‘s search engine algorithms are capable of determining not only quantity of content but quality. The content you purchased five years back from a content mill in Bangalore no longer impresses search engines designed to deliver higher-quality results to users.

In 2012, spend a portion of your marketing budget on the development of well-written, well-researched informational content that benefits site visitors. You‘ll see more site traffic, you‘ll convert more site visitors to buyers and you‘ll restore your PR and SERPs rank, back on the first page of Google‘s search results.

Keeping up with the latest in search engine dos and don‘ts will become even more critical in 2012 so if you‘re still using best practices from a decade ago, now‘s the time to update your web site and keep it fresh with new content designed to educate, not sell, site visitors.

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