Diamond Selling

Kick Start Your Sales

"Salespeople who follow a formal, sequential selling process stand a 87% chance of making the sale...Without one their chances drop to less than 39%"


Introducing Diamond Selling®

Diamond Selling Manual

The Diamond Selling program is unlike any other sales training that you or your team will have experienced. It is also unlike any other sales education or training experience available anywhere else in the world. It is intensive, practical and immediately usable. A full-day experience, it is unique in its format and unsurpassed in its depth of learning.

In total, there are 6 hours of step-by-step instruction conducted in a workshop environment.

Whether you are new or an experienced sales professional, a sales manager or an executive, if sales are important to your success this program is right for you.

The program has been developed and written by Michael Harrison who has had over 35 years of sales and business experience. Michael is regarded as one of the most successful salespeople in the world. Every single one of the breakthrough concepts that you will learn is proven, practical, street-smart, and immediately usable.

These ideas are, without a doubt, the best set of professional selling tools you will ever have access to in one system. They are the result of over three decades of success in sales.

Diamond Selling is a customer-focused selling system that starts before the salesperson ever gets in front of a prospect. It is based on one key principle: that success in business revolves around satisfying customers.

Because Diamond Selling™ is based on documented principles that can be learned by anyone, the system can be utilised successfully in any selling environment.


Who would benefit from Diamond Selling™ training?

Novice Salespeople, Sales Professionals, Sales Managers, Directors of Sales, Directors of Training, Professional Telephone Salespeople, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs will benefit significantly from this program.


Here are just a handful of ways that you'll benefit:

Become Precise About Your Sales Performance You’ll learn a proven sales process that virtually guarantees positive results. Using this proven system you will know exactly where you are in the sales process and how to successfully win the sale.

Learn How To Maximize Your Selling Time Streamline your prospecting effort so that you spend 95% of your allocated selling time with qualified prospects and make your days more productive.

Easily Connect With Your Prospects and Clients Master customer focused communication strategies and form instant bonds of trust and rapport.

Know Yourself and Develop Self-Confidence You will understand your own personal DNA and the buying styles of your customers using our simple assessment.

Overcome Resistance Even the most stubborn objections can be overcome using the targeted application based strategies that we teach. You will learn how to position yourself as a value-added resource and problem solver, and defeat objections before they arise.


What tools and reinforcement materials are included with this program?


  • A 200 plus page Diamond Selling™ Manual. This Self-Paced Learning Guide is filled with every strategy, concept and idea that you need to know. This manual sells separately for $265.00.


  • A set of Michael’s Mini Guides to business. Retail Value $52.00.


  • A subscription to Michael’s powerful email Business Tips.

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