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Marketing in the Technological Age

01 February 2008 by Michael Harrison

Do you remember the days when marketing was about billboards and the Yellow Pages? If you had a really good brochure you were ahead of the competition.Today, its not billboards, but web site banners and not Yellow Pages, but search engines. Marketing online can reach millions of people in an instant.Thats the good news …… and the bad news.If your messages are strong, then marketing on the Internet can greatly enhance your business. However, marketing on the web needs to support and... Read More...

Does Your Website Have Integrity?

13 January 2008 by Michael Harrison

How many times have you visited a website and thought, that doesnt look right. In a multi-dimensional world most companies employ several marketing channels to promote their business. There might be print advertisements in the newspaper, maybe some radio spots, a couple of slick brochures that you hand out at your first face-to-face meeting. Even the sign over your door makes a statement about your business. But… …whats the point in using colourful brochures, quality st... Read More...

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