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Ease of Use is a critical Perception Builder

16 August 2016 by Michael Harrison

In todays economy one thing that sets business apart is ease of use, so my experience this week at Ryges Bell City in Melbourne is a good example of what can go wrong and how to recover.On arrival I was asked to fill in the registration form, even though I had supplied my Rydges Priority number at the time of booking. Lucas the receptionist said he was sorry but Rydges doesnt link bookings to guests Priority numbers unless they are booked online. In this day and age with the techn... Read More...

Good Advice Is Good Business

14 September 2009 by Michael Harrison

Choosing and Using the Right ConsultantWe find ourselves living in interesting economic times.Unprecedented. Global. And affecting small and large businesses equally. Until now, youve weathered the storm using your experience, judgment and instincts that have never lead you astray. But now what?Youre facing an economy thats stalled, credit thats locked up tighter than a bank vault and clients and customers seeking ways to cut back. Perhaps its time to bring in some outside help. Perhaps you need... Read More...

It's Time to Think Micro

13 January 2009 by Michael Harrison

Much of my time is spent reviewing clients accounts at the most fundamental level where did the money come from and where did it go.Sounds like a pretty simple task but surprisingly, many small business owners have a macro perspective of cash flow, even though cash flow is the lifeblood of any business.The key to success in this unprecedented business economy isnt to assume the macro view. Today, micro-allocation will prove to be the life preserver for many small businesses in the coming months... Read More...

Loss of Trust and the Impact on Small Business

26 September 2011 by Michael Harrison

Markets are tumbling. Numbers are crumbling. And everybody is running for the exits thanks to a whopper of an economic crisis thats gone global from its U.S. birthplace.The complexities of the problem are mind-boggling even to experienced, studied economists so, understanding the minutia of this economic tsunami is far beyond my skill set. Even the highest level officials in Washington admit that they dont know how to solve the problem.When asked if this Congressional buy-out of garbage paper ge... Read More...

What the US dollar means to Australian companies

02 February 2010 by Michael Harrison

Like most Australian business people I keep a close watch on the A$ - US$ exchange rate.Weve seen the American dollar take a beating in foreign exchange markets around the world so how does this work to the benefit of Australian businesses especially those doing business in the US?First lets look at the local benefits.The Price of CommoditiesThe cost of raw materials is measured in US dollars. The cost of a barrel of oil, for example, is measured in US dollars. So, as the dollar shrinks in valu... Read More...

Truth in the Face of Authority

02 February 2010 by Michael Harrison

Im often called upon by clients to solve a problem. An outsiders impartial point of view is helpful when solutions arent being developed in-house, usually because the stakeholders are too close to or vested in the problem to see the solution.Sometimes, when I consult, the problem is small enough to be fixed quickly another step in a procedure or a streamlined, digital content management system networked to outside sales personal. So, step one when meeting with a client is to define the players... Read More...

The Accountability Factor

18 February 2008 by Michael Harrison

My observation is that many managers simply dont know how to implement change.What do you do if people dont enter information into your client contact system?  What do you do if reports are incomplete or missing all together?  Do they get fired?Everyone wants to be liked.  No one wants to be the bad-guy.  So instead of holding employees accountable, and gaining respect by demonstrating leadership, a manager may try to be everyones friend, ignore the slips and hope for respect... Read More...

Are you really accountable?

17 February 2008 by Michael Harrison

Have you ever looked at a room full of people and asked Who is responsible? and watched every person squirm and look at someone else?  Its not a pretty sight.One of the biggest issues I see negatively impacting on business success is lack of accountability.  Nine times out of ten when a business is underperforming accountability is missing.Everyone agrees that a key to having a successful business is setting, achieving and measuring against a strategic set of objectives.  However... Read More...

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