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Harassment at work - an expensive lesson

03 September 2010 by Michael Harrison

In early August, when Kristy Fraser-Kirk launched her $37 million sexual harassment case against David Jones and former CEO Mark McInnes, companies across Australia were forced to sit up and take notice.Immediately, the mud-slinging began: Shes asking too much, Its all a publicity stunt, and so on, but without such a huge amount tabled, would this case have been just another sexual harassment story briefly noted then swept aside by the never-ending tide of breaking news?The real issue here... Read More...

The Lost Art of Customer Service

23 June 2010 by Michael Harrison

In Stanley Kubricks 2001 A Space Odyssey, the nemesis of the movie was a computer called HAL. Its voice sounded exceptionally friendly and it made all the right noises and if it had possessed a face it would have been smiling inanely. Yet all the time it was trying to kill the humans it was meant to serve.Call me cynical, maybe even a conspiracy theorist, but it seems that some companies have been able to replicate the essence of HAL and insert it into their Customer Service Specialist... Read More...

Lessons from Lara

16 March 2010 by Michael Harrison

What was that? That was the sound of Lara Bungle - sorry, Bingle - shooting herself in the foot just before her engagement rings falls to the floor. It's fair to say that this woman is not about to set herself up as a business guru any time soon.... Read More...

Batt fiasco is PM's fault

24 February 2010 by Michael Harrison

This is one of the best articles I have read about current politics in Australia. Congratulations to the Herald Sun.... Read More...

Why Obama Got It Wrong!

10 January 2010 by Michael Harrison

Holidays give me time to do some thinking and a little crystal ball gazing.Like you, Im a small business owner and a service provider. Most of my clients are small business owners, but Obamanomics will impact us all regardless of company size, manufacturer or service provider.Like it or not the American consumer drives the world economy. They buy stuff that keeps factories in China running 24/7. Clothes, computers, large-screen TVs all made off American shores, mostly in Asia. The trade deficit... Read More...

2010: Trends and Opportunities

18 December 2009 by Michael Harrison

The Chinese proverb We live in interesting times must surely be one of the most apt for what lies ahead for Australia for 2010. In a world wracked by the Global Financial Crisis in economic and in social terms, Australian business leaders and managers can look forward to building on the green shoots of recovery that have emerged since mid year.Encouraging rather than interesting comes to mind if one looks at the most recent statistic and commentary posted by both government and Treasury official... Read More...

Time to Plan

06 December 2009 by Michael Harrison

As the first decade of the second millennium comes to a close, many businesses look back with a sense of amazement.  In the past five years weve never seen so many spectacular profits, nor such unimaginable losses.It would be nice to just coast into 2010 thankful to have survived. However, those who succeed in the second decade must not relax, but plan. You must take the time to plan what your business will look like in the coming year, the next three years and the next five years.Twelve mo... Read More...


05 July 2009 by Michael Harrison

My Qantas flight landed on time so off I headed, confirmation and No 1 Club 5 Star member card in hand, to the Hertz Gold Service counter at Melbourne Airport.The bay number after my name read an ominous see office.At the office I learned that my car, which was booked for 10:00 am (and it was now 11:05 am) was not ready.The station manager fussed about and said he could get me a car soon (and he did) and I was on my way in a somewhat lower class of car than ordered. An hour later I noticed that... Read More...

Can Do to No Can Do

01 June 2009 by Michael Harrison

Theres no industry that demands customer service more than the hospitality industry — hotels, restaurants and related sectors. The kinds of experiences customers have in hospitality determine whether they will frequent the establishment again, and, even more importantly, whether they will recommend it to their friends and colleagues. It is a brutal fact of life that in business, we are more inclined to tell of a horror story than a feel-good one.A sad anecdoteConsider this customer service... Read More...

Hotels - what do you expect?

17 May 2009 by Michael Harrison

As a consultant and professional presenter I spend about 100 nights a year in hotels.In fact, in the last two weeks I have spent 11 nights away from home. Most of the hotels have been great but every so often something goes wrong. Thats when you find out just how well the staff are trained.What I look for is:Fast check-inA clean room with everything workingA comfortable bedA hot shower with good pressure, andFast check-outI am seldom in the room so I dont care about the view.Oh, and it... Read More...

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