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Good Advice Is Good Business

14 September 2009 by Michael Harrison

Choosing and Using the Right ConsultantWe find ourselves living in interesting economic times.Unprecedented. Global. And affecting small and large businesses equally. Until now, youve weathered the storm using your experience, judgment and instincts that have never lead you astray. But now what?Youre facing an economy thats stalled, credit thats locked up tighter than a bank vault and clients and customers seeking ways to cut back. Perhaps its time to bring in some outside help. Perhaps you need... Read More...

New Year Resolutions for Your Business

04 January 2009 by Michael Harrison

Most of us make New Years resolutions that are soon forgotten. Why? Because we dont plan to achieve them.Planning is documenting the answers to four questions:Where am I now? (Current Situation)Where do I want to be? (Objectives)How will I get there? (Strategy)How will I measure my results? (Milestones)Current SituationDescribe your business. What does it do? Who works there? How is it structured? Does it have a vision or mission statement? Do you have a marketing plan?ObjectivesWhat do you want... Read More...

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