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Focus on the money

14 March 2011 by Michael Harrison

It shouldnt need to be said but just because something generates revenue you are not necessarily making money.A good example is Insurance Brokers.It costs about $300 a year to send out a renewal, handle the paperwork, manage claims and answer phone queries. So you would think that dumping anyone who generates less than $500 would be a no brainer right.Wrong. Most brokers hate to part with clients.There are solutions such as direct links to underwriters and claims services but the lesson is to w... Read More...

Is Social Networking a Risk

22 February 2011 by Michael Harrison

I'm a big fan of social or 'collaborative' networking. It's the future! So I was interested to see that in Germany, companies are actively blocking employees from using Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites in a bid to improve business security. They claims that using sites such as these poses an unacceptable risk to businesses. Apparently there is an inherent risk of employees revealing company secrets or sensitive information during online chats.... Read More...

Are your Customers Loyal?

30 January 2011 by Michael Harrison

I was working with a new client this week who was completely focused on bringing new customers in the door. His rationale: most of them will stay a year or two.The key to any successful business is the ability to access a steady customer base. Its generally estimated that around 80 per cent of your business comes from approximately 20 per cent of your customers. Yet despite these statistics, plenty of business owners focus on trying to find new customers. What theyre missing is that they have a... Read More...

Yellow Pages Advertising

10 January 2011 by Michael Harrison

Last month my poll question was Does Yellow Pages advertising work for your business?Not one respondent said that Yellow Pages pays for itself.33% still advertise but do not get a return, 17% had never had a Yellow Pages advertisement and 50% said they no longer have a Yellow Pages advertisement.These stats are telling when you consider the growth of on-line marketing.If you are not there already, it time to think about how you can use your own YouTube Channel, Facebook fan page, LinkedIn group... Read More...

All I want for Christmas...

20 December 2010 by Michael Harrison

Ever thought of something you really wanted, but couldnt find it in shops? Chances are, if the product is quirky enough, an Australian has already invented it.Jo Lapidge and her family decided to buy a cat. However, she was soon regretting the decision after discovering how often she needed to clean the kitty litter. Watching the movie Meet the parents Lapidge found her solution when the cat went to the toilet on an actual toilet! With a few disks and a cheap toilet seat, Lapidge trained her own... Read More...

Is the iPad important for your business?

16 December 2010 by Michael Harrison

In my most recent website poll 52.6 of respondents indicated that the iPad or similar technology is essential to the future of their business.In my view this percentage will rise significantly in coming years.The now, not so new iPad by Apple has taken the world by storm. So much so, that even Microsoft Word recognises it as a valid word in its spell check!So how good does the iPad shape up, compared to other tablets on the market?Android has launched a cheaper version of the iPad, called the Ma... Read More...

I'm paying for an office because…?

13 December 2010 by Michael Harrison

There's an old gag line. My favourite thing to make for dinner is ... reservations. If you run a small business, do yourself a favour and jump on the worldwide phenomena of outsourcing. Let's take my example. I had permanent employees, a permanent office location, desks, photocopiers, parking spaces and so on. Every single one of these essential business features cost my business money, and a lot of it!... Read More...

Managing Social Media

26 November 2010 by Michael Harrison

The enormous rise in popularity of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has seen a change in the way many people do business. Customers are becoming savvier in researching their options online before buying. Of course, they are also using social media sites to voice their grudges and complaints, if they feel justified in their concerns.What this means for many business owners is learning to find ways to actively manage their current level of social media exposure without reduci... Read More...

When sorry doesn't cut it.

09 November 2010 by Michael Harrison

I was waiting at the desk at a hotel recently when I noticed a man who was very upset because his urgent delivery had sat overlooked at reception for 24 hours. When he found it on the reception desk the clerk said sorry, but nothing else.His reply: That does a whole lot of good doesnt it? He then proceeded to a conference and related his complaint to 50 other delegates.A recent study by the British customer relations organization Consumer Forum found that customers were three times more likely t... Read More...

The U.S. Elections - What it means for Australia

05 November 2010 by Michael Harrison

This weeks election made it clear that American voters want change in Washington.The U.S. House of Representatives, under Democratic control for the past two years, saw a shift to Republican control in the 2010 mid-term election, picking up 60 seats in the part of Congress that initiates tax bills and government spending.No surprise here. The swing from Democratic to Republican control had been anticipated for at least the past four weeks a foregone conclusion according to the endless polling d... Read More...

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