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Going Backward is Going Forward

14 September 2010 by Michael Harrison

Technology in business is all very well, but chucking it at everything that moves is a bad idea. Possibly the worst case of this is something all of us have been frustrated by at some point in time: machines answering the telephone.Funnily enough, if I go to the effort of calling a company on the telephone, that will always mean I want to speak to a human being who has the capacity to think independently in order to resolve my query or problem. The only possible instance of my being happy to hea... Read More...

The Lost Art of Customer Service

23 June 2010 by Michael Harrison

In Stanley Kubricks 2001 A Space Odyssey, the nemesis of the movie was a computer called HAL. Its voice sounded exceptionally friendly and it made all the right noises and if it had possessed a face it would have been smiling inanely. Yet all the time it was trying to kill the humans it was meant to serve.Call me cynical, maybe even a conspiracy theorist, but it seems that some companies have been able to replicate the essence of HAL and insert it into their Customer Service Specialist... Read More...

Want great service – try this hotel

12 February 2010 by Michael Harrison

Im so used to getting poor to mediocre service that good service is worthy of a special mention.When I checked into the new Novotel at Brisbane Airport today the General Manager, Mr Alex Penklis, stopped by for a chat. He didnt know me from Adam but he knows how to impress guests.The service in the restaurant reflected his touch. The delightful young lady who served me took time to ask where I was from and engage in a lost art called conversation.Compare that to two other experiences this week.... Read More...

Response from Hahndorf Resort

22 November 2009 by Michael Harrison

In the interests of fairness I have published a response received from Hahandorf Resort."Following our phone conversation yesterday we would appreciate it if you were to consider removing the harsh comments in regards to the Hahndorf Resort.We understand your disappointment in the conference, but we would appreciate at the least if you could remove certain phrases which you have pointed out in our conversation. Yes, your comments want to reflect the truth of the situation, and we do re... Read More...

Out of date, out of touch and (probably, soon to be) out of business

14 November 2009 by Michael Harrison

As a professional speaker I visit 30 something venues a year. The Hahndorf Resort at Hahndorf South Australia is the worst I have ever had the misfortune to visit.Manuel the Manager promised the world five star service, gourmet cookies, gourmet pizzas and delivered:breakfast cereals that were past their use by datebutter portions that were a month past their use by dateyoghurts that were past their use by dategourmet pizzas that were barely equal to Pizza Hut quality  (for $35 per person)A... Read More...


05 July 2009 by Michael Harrison

My Qantas flight landed on time so off I headed, confirmation and No 1 Club 5 Star member card in hand, to the Hertz Gold Service counter at Melbourne Airport.The bay number after my name read an ominous see office.At the office I learned that my car, which was booked for 10:00 am (and it was now 11:05 am) was not ready.The station manager fussed about and said he could get me a car soon (and he did) and I was on my way in a somewhat lower class of car than ordered. An hour later I noticed that... Read More...

Can Do to No Can Do

01 June 2009 by Michael Harrison

Theres no industry that demands customer service more than the hospitality industry — hotels, restaurants and related sectors. The kinds of experiences customers have in hospitality determine whether they will frequent the establishment again, and, even more importantly, whether they will recommend it to their friends and colleagues. It is a brutal fact of life that in business, we are more inclined to tell of a horror story than a feel-good one.A sad anecdoteConsider this customer service... Read More...

Ease of Use is a critical Perception Builder

16 August 2016 by Michael Harrison

In todays economy one thing that sets business apart is ease of use, so my experience this week at Ryges Bell City in Melbourne is a good example of what can go wrong and how to recover.On arrival I was asked to fill in the registration form, even though I had supplied my Rydges Priority number at the time of booking. Lucas the receptionist said he was sorry but Rydges doesnt link bookings to guests Priority numbers unless they are booked online. In this day and age with the techn... Read More...

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