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"Soft Benefits" Sell: Tips To Create Goodwill

12 March 2012 by Michael Harrison

If you own an insurance brokerage, an accountancy or law firm, a financial planning practice or other service-based business, your core benefit to clients is hard information: metrics, cash flow analysis, investments, insurance products and other service deliverables. This is why your business is paid by clients, but……it may not be the reason a client remains a client over the long-term. Soft benefits often keep clients in place as part of your business base.Soft benefits are the l... Read More...

QR codes

12 January 2012 by Michael Harrison

One of my clients just asked me about QR codes.I assumed he knew about them and just wanted some ideas about how to use them. I was wrong.QR codes or quick response codes are a code that can be displayed on any platform and function as a link between the physical world and the internet. You scan the code with your mobile phone and it automatically links you to a website (or even a video).Smart companies are printing them on all types of media. One client prints them on his monthly statements and... Read More...

Unintended Consequences

14 December 2011 by Michael Harrison

The campaign led by Gerry Harvey to charge GST on small overseas purchases seems to have badly misfired. To be fair it was never going to succeed. You cant stop an avalanche with an advertisement.Yesterday I was chatting to the passenger sitting next to me on a flight to Sydney. I pricked up my ears when he told me he had employed 150 people in Australia over the last 12 months.He was the operations manager for an international freight company and he told me how much inbound freight has increase... Read More...

Web access is expanding

08 December 2011 by Michael Harrison

When you think that just a few years ago the only way to access the web was via computer its obvious how much the world has changed.Expect those changes to continue in 2012, making it easier for people to access your website and to discover your business.Prospects access the web through numerous means. 20% of web access is now via smart phones and PDAs, and its growing, so expect to see more robust tools to come to market in 2012.The 2011 Computer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas, intro... Read More...

Google's New Algorithm

20 November 2011 by Michael Harrison

Have you checked your business web site page rank lately? How about positioning on search engine results pages (SERPs)? Are you still showing up on page 1 of SERPs? Chances are, if you havent made changes to your web site in a couple of years, youve seen PR and SERPs positioning fall thanks to Panda Googles new algorithm introduced in February, 2011.Panda has changed the rules for obtaining a higher page rank and better positioning on search results based on several key factors. The most import... Read More...

How One Broken Promise Can Cost You Your Credibility

25 July 2011 by Michael Harrison

If youre into news stories at all then you are already familiar with the story of Julia. Julia is a particularly strong woman: shes a party leader, an accomplished politician and a master tactician.  By now youve probably gathered that Julia is no other than our Honorable MP, Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard.So what has our Prime Minister got to do with broken promises and lost credibility?The answer of course is a lot.Gillard has demonstrated to us the one way we should never do b... Read More...

Are you listening to your customers?

07 June 2011 by Michael Harrison

Have you ever wondered if your brilliant idea actually meets your customers' requirements? Finding out what your customers want (and need), then tailoring your product or service accordingly seems obvious. The problem is that too many of us don't do it.... Read More...

Three trends that will change your business

18 April 2011 by Michael Harrison

It used to be enough to advertise in the Yellow Pages, run a few ads in the local media or go to a Chamber of Commerce meeting if you wanted to attract new business.Not anymore! At least not anymore if you are selling professional services. Attracting a stream of loyal clients to your business is getting harder every year. Positioning your business is more important than ever if you want to be relevant. Its how you go about it that has changed.Three key trends are driving the way we should be th... Read More...

Is Social Networking a Risk

22 February 2011 by Michael Harrison

I'm a big fan of social or 'collaborative' networking. It's the future! So I was interested to see that in Germany, companies are actively blocking employees from using Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites in a bid to improve business security. They claims that using sites such as these poses an unacceptable risk to businesses. Apparently there is an inherent risk of employees revealing company secrets or sensitive information during online chats.... Read More...

Are your Customers Loyal?

30 January 2011 by Michael Harrison

I was working with a new client this week who was completely focused on bringing new customers in the door. His rationale: most of them will stay a year or two.The key to any successful business is the ability to access a steady customer base. Its generally estimated that around 80 per cent of your business comes from approximately 20 per cent of your customers. Yet despite these statistics, plenty of business owners focus on trying to find new customers. What theyre missing is that they have a... Read More...

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