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Has Your Business Gone Up in Ash?

23 July 2011 by Michael Harrison

The recent disruptions of flights around Australia, resulting in closed-down airports has once again made apparent the importance of insurance cover for unlikely events. reported in their June 27 issue that many airlines were unlikely to be covered with a business interruption policy for the event that created chaos all over Australian airports.... Read More...

Open Decision Making Could Cost You Business

28 May 2011 by Michael Harrison

The resignation of Deputy Victoria Police Commissioner, Sir Ken Jones, once again opened up the discussion about transparency in decision making. Many Australians speculate that Sir Ken might have been encouraged to leave by Commissioner Simon Overland.Whatever went down behind closed doors is not a good advert to build trust between the public and the law. Or for that matter, the public and the Government.People want answers and they want the truth.But, if we have learned anything from this lat... Read More...

Focus on the money

14 March 2011 by Michael Harrison

It shouldnt need to be said but just because something generates revenue you are not necessarily making money.A good example is Insurance Brokers.It costs about $300 a year to send out a renewal, handle the paperwork, manage claims and answer phone queries. So you would think that dumping anyone who generates less than $500 would be a no brainer right.Wrong. Most brokers hate to part with clients.There are solutions such as direct links to underwriters and claims services but the lesson is to w... Read More...

Cashflow – Why it Can Make or Break Your Business

01 September 2011 by Michael Harrison

Over the holiday break I have been rethinking the essential elements of business success.Although there are many important aspects to running a business Ive concluded that cash flow is the lifeline of every successful business. Without adequate positive cash flow, even the busiest business can find itself in bankruptcy.Cash flow is nothing more than the money coming into your business and then going out of it again. If you have more money coming in than is going out, youre in positive cash flow.... Read More...

I'm paying for an office because…?

13 December 2010 by Michael Harrison

There's an old gag line. My favourite thing to make for dinner is ... reservations. If you run a small business, do yourself a favour and jump on the worldwide phenomena of outsourcing. Let's take my example. I had permanent employees, a permanent office location, desks, photocopiers, parking spaces and so on. Every single one of these essential business features cost my business money, and a lot of it!... Read More...

Top Rated Place to Work By Employees

02 November 2010 by Michael Harrison

Jobs website recently conducted a survey to determine what the most desirable places to work are in the USA. The surprising results showed that people working at Disneyland aren't as happy in their jobs as those working for the Army.... Read More...

Entrepreneurs: born or bred?

19 September 2010 by Michael Harrison

What makes someone successful in business? Were they born to it or did they learn it?For some entrepreneurs, such as Aimee Marks, the path to success has been through a university course. Despite getting the idea for her biodegradable tampon company, T.O.M Organic, at school, Marks decided a university course would develop her product and company in a more thorough manner with a secure network of mentors to support her.The course taught me the fundamentals of launching and growing a business, an... Read More...

Harassment at work - an expensive lesson

03 September 2010 by Michael Harrison

In early August, when Kristy Fraser-Kirk launched her $37 million sexual harassment case against David Jones and former CEO Mark McInnes, companies across Australia were forced to sit up and take notice.Immediately, the mud-slinging began: Shes asking too much, Its all a publicity stunt, and so on, but without such a huge amount tabled, would this case have been just another sexual harassment story briefly noted then swept aside by the never-ending tide of breaking news?The real issue here... Read More...

Time to Plan

06 December 2009 by Michael Harrison

As the first decade of the second millennium comes to a close, many businesses look back with a sense of amazement.  In the past five years weve never seen so many spectacular profits, nor such unimaginable losses.It would be nice to just coast into 2010 thankful to have survived. However, those who succeed in the second decade must not relax, but plan. You must take the time to plan what your business will look like in the coming year, the next three years and the next five years.Twelve mo... Read More...

Obamanomics: Is it Working?

22 September 2009 by Michael Harrison

Like it not, Kevin Rudd and co follow the lead of the US. So, once again, I have been thinking about the US economy and what it might hold for our future.Barack Obama was elected on a platform of change. And Washington was ready for change after eight years of the Bush Administrations mucking up on the world stage.The war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan despite the deep tragedy the world experienced on September 11, 2001 (and indeed, it was a world tragedy), we arent any safer. We arent any bet... Read More...

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