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Unintended Consequences

14 December 2011 by Michael Harrison

The campaign led by Gerry Harvey to charge GST on small overseas purchases seems to have badly misfired. To be fair it was never going to succeed. You cant stop an avalanche with an advertisement.Yesterday I was chatting to the passenger sitting next to me on a flight to Sydney. I pricked up my ears when he told me he had employed 150 people in Australia over the last 12 months.He was the operations manager for an international freight company and he told me how much inbound freight has increase... Read More...

Are You Ready For The Ball To Drop?

01 December 2011 by Michael Harrison

Were just a few short weeks away from glorious fireworks displays, champagne toasts and the start of a new year. And its going to be a good one. Probably your best, if youre prepared.The last few weeks of the year are the ideal time to look back over the previous business year to assess what worked, and to look forward to the challenges and opportunities that come with the New Year.AnalyseYou have a years worth of data so prepare a short statement of achievements, lessons learned and how you can... Read More...

The Value of Perception

16 August 2011 by Michael Harrison

With the recent stock market crash bankers and investors are once again living in fear. The financial repercussions that arise from a combination of make-belief economies and Band-Aid promises have us play ball like the good citizens we are ought to be. But what is wrong with the bigger picture?Its a matter of perception in a high-stakes gamePerception is and can be very dangerous if it is based on make-belief politics. Take the US government for example: for months they have hinted that the eco... Read More...

How One Broken Promise Can Cost You Your Credibility

25 July 2011 by Michael Harrison

If youre into news stories at all then you are already familiar with the story of Julia. Julia is a particularly strong woman: shes a party leader, an accomplished politician and a master tactician.  By now youve probably gathered that Julia is no other than our Honorable MP, Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard.So what has our Prime Minister got to do with broken promises and lost credibility?The answer of course is a lot.Gillard has demonstrated to us the one way we should never do b... Read More...

Lesson from Murdoch #1 – Practice Business Transparency

23 July 2011 by Michael Harrison

The recent and continuing tide of negativity that has surrounded News Corp after its phone hacking scandal is once again testimony that it never pays to build a castle on quicksand.The mighty News Corp came crashing down faster than lightning speed after the scandal was made public. It resulted in shameful closure of the once popular newspaper News of the World and ruined the credibility of news publications across the UK, perhaps further still.Journos are at best a mildly trusted bunch of profe... Read More...

Has Your Business Gone Up in Ash?

23 July 2011 by Michael Harrison

The recent disruptions of flights around Australia, resulting in closed-down airports has once again made apparent the importance of insurance cover for unlikely events. reported in their June 27 issue that many airlines were unlikely to be covered with a business interruption policy for the event that created chaos all over Australian airports.... Read More...

Are you listening to your customers?

07 June 2011 by Michael Harrison

Have you ever wondered if your brilliant idea actually meets your customers' requirements? Finding out what your customers want (and need), then tailoring your product or service accordingly seems obvious. The problem is that too many of us don't do it.... Read More...

Open Decision Making Could Cost You Business

28 May 2011 by Michael Harrison

The resignation of Deputy Victoria Police Commissioner, Sir Ken Jones, once again opened up the discussion about transparency in decision making. Many Australians speculate that Sir Ken might have been encouraged to leave by Commissioner Simon Overland.Whatever went down behind closed doors is not a good advert to build trust between the public and the law. Or for that matter, the public and the Government.People want answers and they want the truth.But, if we have learned anything from this lat... Read More...

Is your message making contact?

18 April 2011 by Michael Harrison

Ive been reading an online discussion titled Why the Elevator Pitch is Outdated.Various contributors have added their views about whether it should be called a pitch or a speech or even a movie trailer.The discussion is really about the answer to the question What do you do?Many years ago I learned that people do not buy your product or service, they buy the result of your product or service. So whatever answer you give, it should focus on the results your customers will achieve from dealing wit... Read More...

Three trends that will change your business

18 April 2011 by Michael Harrison

It used to be enough to advertise in the Yellow Pages, run a few ads in the local media or go to a Chamber of Commerce meeting if you wanted to attract new business.Not anymore! At least not anymore if you are selling professional services. Attracting a stream of loyal clients to your business is getting harder every year. Positioning your business is more important than ever if you want to be relevant. Its how you go about it that has changed.Three key trends are driving the way we should be th... Read More...

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