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Reserve Bank's Minutes: More cheaper money to come

06 September 2008 by Michael Harrison

After working my way through the minutes of the Reserve Banks August get-together it became obvious that money was about to get cheaper in Australia - so the September rate cut was no surprise. Thats the good news for Australian borrowers.But it also means the Australian dollar weakens against other world currencies especially the U.S. dollar thats been firming up in recent months. A weakening Australian dollar translates into lower revenues for businesses marketing goods and ser... Read More...

Hiring, Firing and Litigation

04 March 2008 by Michael Harrison

With businesses facing high rates of employee turnover, wrongful dismissal claims and sexual harassment allegations (just to name a few issues), it surprises me that more thought isnt put into hiring decisions.Here are three mistakes I see all too often.1. Not really identifying the business needs.What are the skills, experience, character, and competencies you need? More importantly what are the organisations short-and long-term needs and the effect this hiring will have upon those needs.When t... Read More...