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What Would Steve Jobs Do?

14 January 2016 by Michael Harrison

Every century or so an individual comes along and changes the world in profound ways. Geniuses. Sir Isaac Newtown brought order to scientific study and changed how we viewed the world around us. We became curious. Albert Einstein changed the rules by which we'd lived, and expanded our thinking with his search for a Unified Theory.... Read More...

Google Launches a Game-Changer

03 May 2015 by Michael Harrison

On April 21, 2015, Google changed its latest search algorithm, only this time, it wasn't a change to improve content or simplify website navigation. The Internet is abuzz over Mobilegeddon – Google's latest algorithm – and if you aren't up to speed your down in page rank – big time!... Read More...

Tomorrow's Trends Today

06 April 2015 by Michael Harrison

As a business consultant I've had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds on the planet – experts at everything from assessing insurable risk to selling widgets on the Internet. I speak at business conferences, industry and association conventions, big groups, small groups, and sometimes, I speak with one person – the owner, the decision maker, the person who can best implement suggestions.... Read More...

Google's New Algorithm

20 November 2011 by Michael Harrison

Have you checked your business web site page rank lately? How about positioning on search engine results pages (SERPs)? Are you still showing up on page 1 of SERPs? Chances are, if you havent made changes to your web site in a couple of years, youve seen PR and SERPs positioning fall thanks to Panda Googles new algorithm introduced in February, 2011.Panda has changed the rules for obtaining a higher page rank and better positioning on search results based on several key factors. The most import... Read More...

Paper Free UK Boardrooms

18 September 2011 by Michael Harrison

UK boardroom meetings could soon take place in a paperless environment, thanks to the new iPad enabled board meeting software Blueprint BoardPad 2. The software was revealed to the public in June this year.Conceived and designed by ICSA Software, a business software development specialist the iPad application has already made waves in the industry. Some 75 per cent of FTSE 100 companies have already opted to use the software and many more are believed to follow suit.Older versions of the Bluepri... Read More...

Saving Lives: There's an app for that

18 March 2011 by Michael Harrison

If anyone doubts the value of technology consider two uses of the iPhone in Japan.The Medical Encyclopedia for home use is being distributed for free after the tragic events of the earthquake and tsunami. It offers basic first aid advice for help in treating minor injuries and dealing with symptoms of shock.And, if you are trying to contact friends or family in Japan the iPhone app ChatTime is offering free calls to Japan until the end of March.No-one wants to see these tragic events but its gre... Read More...

More about Hiring, Firing and Litigation

20 November 2009 by Michael Harrison

Three more bad hiring decisions:1. Being LazyEmployers who are lazy hire the first person who looks almost suitable. If you dont want to do the job properly, then hire someone to do it for you.  Recruiters and search firms do this for a living.2. Allowing Emotions to Influence DecisionsWe buy a car by first choosing the car we want from an emotional viewpoint and then searching for logical reasons to justify the decision.Some people hire the same way.  They mak... Read More...