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Why You Didn't Win That Contract:

07 December 2015 by Michael Harrison

You lost a contract, and it was a big one, too. Sure, it won't sink the ship but it won't help your business grow, and it certainly doesn't add value to your company's good name. You didn't win the contract because a competitor was deemed better for the job.... Read More...

Improving The Customer Experience (Part 2)

22 May 2014 by Michael Harrison

Focus Services DeliverySome companies try to be all things to all customers. Wont happen. Cant happen.Different demographics have varying needs and expectations. A high-end jewellery store may serve tea and biscuits to customers, place flower arrangements on the display cases and maintain a staff of impeccably dressed salespeople. On the other hand, a business that focuses on the cost-conscious consumer eliminates the niceties and focuses on keeping prices low, Low, LOW!Target everything from ma... Read More...

Improving The Customer Experience

17 April 2014 by Michael Harrison

Whether you own a small financial advisory business, youre a web site owner with global sales, or you manage a huge, branded conglomerate, you create a customer experience.Simply defined, it is the totality of your business engagement with prospects, leads, new customers and long-time supporters. The client or customer experience begins before you ever meet customers and continues long after that first handshake, or the first visit to your place of business.Improving the customer experience is a... Read More...

"Soft Benefits" Sell: Tips To Create Goodwill

12 March 2012 by Michael Harrison

If you own an insurance brokerage, an accountancy or law firm, a financial planning practice or other service-based business, your core benefit to clients is hard information: metrics, cash flow analysis, investments, insurance products and other service deliverables. This is why your business is paid by clients, but……it may not be the reason a client remains a client over the long-term. Soft benefits often keep clients in place as part of your business base.Soft benefits are the l... Read More...

Are your Customers Loyal?

30 January 2011 by Michael Harrison

I was working with a new client this week who was completely focused on bringing new customers in the door. His rationale: most of them will stay a year or two.The key to any successful business is the ability to access a steady customer base. Its generally estimated that around 80 per cent of your business comes from approximately 20 per cent of your customers. Yet despite these statistics, plenty of business owners focus on trying to find new customers. What theyre missing is that they have a... Read More...

Charge and be charged!

15 November 2010 by Michael Harrison

The Amex surcharge, sometimes up to 3%, is something that really aggravates me as a customer, and Im not alone, Ive seen countless numbers of staff abused by customers because of this.Once the exclusive realm of the rich or well-travelled businessperson, American Express is a credit card with a challenge in Australia use it and in many establishments, you get charged a fee. So why is this?Short sighted shopkeepers, hotel chains and restauranteurs seem to think it gives them a bit extra margin (... Read More...

Are You Blaming the Messenger?

12 November 2010 by Michael Harrison

The Reserve Banks decision to raise official interest rates is well documented. What made headline news was the decision of the Commonwealth Bank to raise its own interest rates by 45 basis points, 20 basis points higher than the RBA cash rate hike.This decision brought about the ire of many angry customers, who chose to blame the messengers rather than take their frustrations out in a more constructive manner.Bank staff received plenty of abuse from customers. The abuse stemmed from disgruntled... Read More...

When sorry doesn't cut it.

09 November 2010 by Michael Harrison

I was waiting at the desk at a hotel recently when I noticed a man who was very upset because his urgent delivery had sat overlooked at reception for 24 hours. When he found it on the reception desk the clerk said sorry, but nothing else.His reply: That does a whole lot of good doesnt it? He then proceeded to a conference and related his complaint to 50 other delegates.A recent study by the British customer relations organization Consumer Forum found that customers were three times more likely t... Read More...

Is Your Inbox Pushing You To Breaking Point?

04 November 2010 by Michael Harrison

I noticed that in a recent survey by IBM of more than 620 managers, results showed that the sheer number of emails received each day is a major contributor to workplace stress.It was no surprise that more than 45% of the survey participants agreed that the number of emails arriving in their inbox can increase stress levels at work or that as the number of unanswered emails begins to mount up in those inboxes the stress levels rise accordingly.Nearly 100% of people who responded in the survey sai... Read More...

Move with the times or perish

23 October 2010 by Michael Harrison

Like most of you, Im really getting sick of poor customer service. So it was no surprise to read a recent global Online Shopping Report by the Nielsen Company has found that local Asia-Pacific consumers are the most active online shoppers in the world with many spending 11% of their monthly budget online.Why?If you think about it, online shopping is easy, comfortable, time-saving, price competitive and eliminates the need to be aggravated by hassled staff with poor attitudes.For retailers paying... Read More...

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