Michael View

Are you trusted?

23 September 2014

Trust is the greatest asset a businessperson can have.

When trust exists glitches are forgiven, explanations are accepted and friendships are untarnished. Find a successful businessperson and you will always find people who trust him or her.

Building trust is easy. Here are some of the easy ways.

1. Be on time.

One of my pet hates is people who don‘t respect other people‘s time. It starts with keeping appointments and arriving on time. I try to arrive five minutes early and if I‘m going to be more than a couple of minutes late I text or phone and offer to re-schedule. It shows respect for the other person‘s time.

2. Do what you say you will do.

There are times when we all screw up. A delivery is late, someone else lets us down or we simply get it wrong. Apologise immediately and say what you will do to rectify the situation ‘" then follow through. When everything is back to normal, send a small gift or ‘freebie‘ to reinforce your apology.

3. Say thank you.

Find ways to thank people. Thank them for their business. Thank them for a referral. Thank them for their advice. Again, something tangible goes a long way. Surprise them. I have sent car wash vouchers, movie tickets, books, muffins for morning tea, birthday cakes and dozens of other items over the years.

4. Learn about them.

Make every contact an opportunity to learn something new. What did they do at the weekend? How old are their kids? Where do they go to school? What are their hobbies? Conversations that include personal interests show that you are genuinely interested in them. Buy them a coffee and chat.

5. Stay in touch.

Stay in touch with your clients at least 6 times a year. The good news is that technology makes that easy. Send an email or a SMS with an update; send a newspaper article that might be of interest, make a ‘how‘s things‘ call or invite them to a seminar or webinar. There are dozens of low cost automated ways to stay in touch with your clients or prospects.

Each time you interact with a client you build a little more trust and the opportunity to win repeat business.

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